Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Dentist by Joaquin  Moragues

Oh woe is me, for I have been to the dentist today!  I always get so worked up about going, even though Mr F is such a lovely man, very kind and gentle ~ plus it was only a check-up today!  Still, I have known for some time that I would eventually need another crown and a tooth extracted, and that time has now come *sigh*

I broke an upper left tooth quite some time ago, and unfortunately the tooth broke more or less level with the gum so there was nothing to anchor a crown to.  Mr F and I decided to leave it "for the time being".  By the last time I went for a check-up, though, it was obvious that there was some kind of minor infection going on as I had developed a sort of "abcess" on the gum.  This may well be too much information but I discovered that I could press on and sort of "pop" it, which released the liquid and it would go away for a time.  Mr F offered to write me a prescription for antiobiotics but I decided to carry on with the "popping".  This last week or so, though, the abcess and gum have been painful, and the abcess is there continuously.  So, I now have antiobiotics to take three times a day and an appointment for the 12th February to have the tooth extracted.  To be quite honest, I will be pleased to have it taken out as I am now starting to get a little concerned about the infection possibly spreading further.

Funnily enough, the crown I also need is in the same place but in my lower left jaw.  Mr F was able to fill the tooth last year but warned me that eventually it would have to be crowned.  Really, I'm surprised that it has lasted this long so I can't complain too much.  Mr F will prepare the tooth for the crown at the same time as he extracts the other one, so I shall probably be extremely sore and grumpy this time in a couple of weeks!

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