Saturday, 4 October 2014

Diary of a Dieter.....

by Roy Williams

You'll probably not be surprised to hear that I am no longer going to the Slimming World group, my lovelies.  I'm sorry to say that along with my general lack of enthusiasm, dieting has fallen by the wayside too.  The group leader has also had to change the time of the group due to her returning to work.  It is now earlier and is much less convenient for me.

I had been gaining weight before I stopped going to the group but surprisingly, since no longer trying to "diet", my weight is very slowly coming down!  I have gone back to menu planning, for our evening meals at least.  I am trying out new recipes and not just relying on readymade meals.  I confess that cooking from scratch is not easy for me, as I have been out of the habit for so many years now, but nevertheless I am enjoing getting back into the swing of it.

I do need to get on top of my lunches at some point, as I am eating too much bread again.  But all in good time ~ Rome wasn't built in a day LOL  Once I am comfortable with scratch-cooking our main meals, I will start to menu-plan my lunches.

It feels so good to have regained my enthusiasm for cooking!  I used to love being in the kitchen, cooking and baking, but I gradually got out of the habit.  I'm so looking forward to restarting baking again.  I will definitely be sharing my makes with you ~ in pictures, at least :-)

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