Monday, 20 July 2015

Further "Nikki" news

Nikki has had a comfortable weekend, is stable and was moved out of the ICU at Davies on Saturday.  We were told that they don't usually phone with an update on Sundays unless there is a problem, so as you can imagine we were very thankful to get to the end of yesterday with no call from them.

Early this afternoon I spoke with Antonia, one of the cardiology team.  She told me that the fluid accumulation in Nikki's abdomen and around her heart was no longer apparent but that it was returning to her chest.  Despite the ultrasound scans and X-rays not showing tumours, and cancer cells not being detected in the fluid samples, they are still no closer to knowing what is causing the problem.  Antonia said that she is reluctant to sound too optimistic regarding the tumour situation, as there is still a chance that there are some present.

So tomorrow Nikki is having to be sedated in order to have a CT scan, in the hope that it will give a clearer picture of what is going on.  If that is still unsuccessful, then the next step would be to take a biopsy of her pericardium.

I hope that the CT scan will finally show us what is going on with my poor little girlie as I really don't want her to have to have yet more surgery so soon after her leg operation.  I'll let you know what the results are tomorrow...

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