Sunday, 17 January 2016

Decidedly under the weather...

So much for getting back to "normal" blogging ~ but to be fair, I haven't been a well bunny!  I know that I have already related our sorry family ill-health woes we all suffered from in the run-up and over the Christmas period.  Well, to add insult to injury Sam came down with another nasty cold, which he very kindly shared with me.  I started with a cough and sore throat in the middle of last week, and had to cancel my dental appointment on Thursday.  By Friday I was feeling worse, and in the end had to take myself off to bed by the late afternoon as I just couldn't stop shivering or get warm.  I had an awful night, veering from freezing cold to boiling hot, and coughing like someone who smokes like the proverbial chimney!

I was just exhausted all day on Saturday, and my ribs were incredibly sore with all the coughing.  I didn't feel too bad when I got up this morning but after having a shower, I was pooped!  Today has been another day of just not having the energy to do anything ~ I haven't even had much of an appetite, so I know I must have been poorly ;-)  It's almost been like 'flu but not quite as bad.  I'm really hoping that we aren't going to come down with any more of these dratted colds ~ I think we have had more than our fair share already!  

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