Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A gentle stroll...

As it was the May Day bank holiday here yesterday, Adrian was home and able to come for a little walk with Matty and I.  We didn't go far, just a short stroll down to Cadwell Playing Field, which is not far from where we live.  I took the opportunity to take my camera ~ it's not easy holding on to Matty and trying to take photos at the same time!

Not everyone's favourite plant, I know, but I rather like dandelions.  They are such cheerful-looking little things ~ it's a pity they are considered to be "weeds".

I can't say that I like stinging nettles, though!  These look particularly nasty, although the RSPB does make a good point about them being of great benefit for wildlife.

Awww, one man and his doggie :-)  By the way, please don't be alarmed at the sight of Matty wearing a muzzle.  He isn't a vicious dog, it's to stop the little devil from eating the unsavoury things he has an uncanny knack for finding!

I'm afraid that I have no idea what the trees are on the edges of the field.  They are starting to green-up nicely now.  This tree stands guard over a set of rather steep steps which lead down to a riverside walk.  I don't mind walking up the steps from the bottom, but it feels very precarious walking down them from the field!

Apparently the field used to be a landfill site many years ago.  I don't know how clear it is in this photo but the ground is full of bumps and dips, some of which are quite large.

I thought this dandelion looked just like a little powder puff.  Perhaps the trick is to let them grow in one's garden but chop off their heads before all those seeds are let loose.  After all, I believe the saying is something like "one year's weeds make seven years seeds".....

This group of young trees look like they have been planted but I suppose they could be the offspring of the larger versions behind them.

Parents and children perhaps?

Ah, there are my boys again.  Matty sure does like to do plenty of sniffing on his walks!

I think this sweet little wildflower is cranesbill.  It must be pretty tough and hardy, despite its delicate appearance, as it was growing in the corner area of the football pitch.

There is a low wooden fence alongside the playing field and it is covered in lichen.  I believe these particular lichen are known as "crusty lichen" ~ rather apt, don't you think!

More dandelions, a little family of them this time.  There are plenty of dandelions and daisies on the field, but we were a bit too early for the latter ~ they were still closed up, waiting for the sunshine :-)

I guess the playing field isn't a terribly exciting place really, consisting mostly of a football pitch, but the area around the edges is pretty much left to its own devices, so there are lots of wildflowers and trees.  I should think there is plenty of wildlife, too.  We have seen bats, hedgehogs and toads, as well as the usual wild birds.  Occasionally we have been lucky enough to have sight of owls and other birds of prey, and have often heard foxes making their unnerving calls!

It's amazing how much "nature" there really is, even in the little market town where I live ~ now I just need to learn what all these pretty flowers and trees are called :-)

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