Monday, 20 June 2016

Hard work but so worth it!

The weekend before last, we still had a manky old concrete path and miscellaneous paving slabs in the back garden ~ really not a pretty sight!  On the Saturday, hubby girded his loins and started attacking said paving with my Dad's iron pry-bar (which we have had custody of for years now LOL)...

...and this was the end result ~ no more dodgy paving (well, not in the slate chippings area, at any rate!) and weed membrane in place ready for the next stage.

Just look at those chunks of concrete and all the rubble attached to the underside!  The path was most likely put down when the house was built, back in 1955.  It had lots of cracks across it and was generally in a bad state, so it was a relief to finally get rid of it.

We also had yet another pile of rubbish waiting to be taken away ~ where on earth does it all come from!

On Wednesday, Richard's guys came and collected all the rubble and other rubbish...

...looking better already :-)

Last Friday we had 50 bags of green slate chippings delivered, which Adrian and Sam then moved from the front garden to the back when they got in from work.  Neither of them needed a trip to the gym after moving all those bags!

On Saturday, Adrian and I spread out all 50 of those bags of slate.  We thought that perhaps we had ordered too much, but we used it all.  It looks quite pale and white here but now that it has rained (yet again *sigh*), the dust has been washed off and it looks lovely :-)  Oh, and Adrian (with a little bit of assistance from yours-truly) also re-roofed both the chicken houses on Saturday, too!


S. J. Qualls said...

Whew, what a chore! It certainly does look lovely now and well worth it! I imagine you found a few more muscles when you were finished. Great job though, I love it!

Sharon -Larkin said...

Thanks Sharon! It's been hard work, mostly for poor Adrian and I can't help much with the heavy stuff. He's done so well, bless him!