Saturday, 20 August 2011


I love the music...I love the hairstyles, make-up and fashion...but would I really want to be transported back to actually live in the 1940s?  No, on the whole, I rather think not ;-) 

I see so many comments from folk about how they feel they have been born in the wrong era and wished they actually lived in the 1940s (or 30s, 50s or other particular period of time).  It does make me wonder if they have really thought this scenario through, though.  It's so easy, isn't it, to say we wished we lived in another time but if we think about the day-to-day realities of whatever age it may be, then I really do believe that we are looking back through those rose-tinted spectacles!

Depending on the particular era in question there would be no home telephones or mobile phones, no television (not necessarily a bad thing, granted, but I do like to chill out in front of the 'ole box I must confess), no computers (gasp, HORROR!!), no labour-saving devices such as washing machines, tumble-dryers, freezers, etc.....There could be rationing of food, clothing, household commodities.....And, of course, there could be the awful reality of war for the "ordinary man on the street".  Our fathers, brothers, husbands could have been called up to serve their country and thrust into the horror and carnage that was WWI and WWII.  And before someone comments, yes I know that many still do have loved ones taking part in war and of course I am grateful to our armed service personnel for the job they do ~ but the difference between now and those earlier wars is that they are in the armed forces as a career choice.

I know that there is a lot wrong with society in this age that we are currently living through but there are still many good things to be thankful for.  I for one am grateful that I have so many advantages, comforts and choices in this age in which I live ~ and should I so choose, I can dress like a 1950s starlet today and a 1940s housewife tomorrow :-)    

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