Monday, 28 May 2012

A Monthly Make for 2012: May

May has been a much more productive month, my loves ~ I have managed to crochet four offerings for the Monthly Make for 2012 challenge, so I am a very happy bunny :-)

It was my sister's birthday on the 12th and I bought her a lovely pair of earrings ~ which I was oh so very tempted to keep for myself but I was a good girl, sweetie~pies, and gave them to Amanda as I had originally intended ;-)  I made this little gift bag to present them in, using Lucy's (Attic 24) hexagon pattern.  I simply made two hexies and joined them together.  I then added Lucy's bobble-shell edging around five sides and made a flap on the sixth, which I also edged with bobble-shells.  Then it was simply a case of sewing on a pretty button and making a crocheted chain loop.

My sister was delighted with her gift and I was very pleased with how it all turned out :-)

Another of Lucy's tutorials.  I stuffed my wreath with soft toy filling and added leaves to all the little flowers.  I made this for my friend Olive "just because".  She is such an encouraging lady and has helped me a lot ~ I am very glad that we are friends :-) 

Here is Lucy's hexagon pattern again, this time made into a scented sachet as part of a gift for a friend's upcoming birthday.  I had previously bought some little muslin bags and I filled one with dried lavender ~ which smells absolutely heavenly, my loves! ~ and popped it inbetween two little blue hexagons.  I joined them together and again finished off with the bobble shell edging ~ I really like this edging, I must confess LOL

This time I used a pattern from The Royal Sisters blog ;-)

I made one of these a little while ago for Beverly and I was very taken with the pattern at the time.  I finally got round to making a couple for myself!

The green-striped one is for my bedside cabinet and the multi-coloured one is for the living room :-)

I made all of this month's Monthly Makes using yarn I already had.  I have lots of balls of part-used yarn so I am trying to use them up! 

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