Monday, 17 March 2014

Diary of a Dieter Week 9

start weight: 22st 13lbs (321 pounds)
current weight: 22st 5lbs (313 pounds)
total loss to date: 8lbs

Yes, I know that I've jumped to week 9!  It's not a mistake, simply that I didn't go to group on week 8 as I wasn't feeling well.

I was pleased to have lost another two pounds when I got weighed last week ~ and I got my seven pounds weightloss award :-)  Admittedly the pounds are coming off very slowly but at least I am losing weight.  Truth be told, I'm not really following the plan as closely as I ought to ~ she says, blushing!  I know that I need to get myself into gear and really get stuck into it.  After all, I'm going to be following this plan for an awfully long time and the sooner I get to grips with it properly, the easier I will find things.  Plus I rather think I may well find that I lose more weight if I actually do things correctly.....

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