Friday, 21 March 2014

Update on Nikki

Well, it feels like it's taken forever but Nikki's leg finally seems to be healing nicely.  I took her back to the vet on Wednesday, when she had the sutures removed.  He was still a little concerned about the swelling around the joint, so she came home with another snazzy bandage on!  

I took Nikki back again this morning and the vet was very pleased with her progress.  She told me that she couldn't feel anymore granulated tissue and the weeping has also stopped, thank goodness.  Nikki was able to come home with no bandage this time, although I have had to slip a sock over her foot as she keeps licking at the joint and I'm concerned that she may make it sore again.

It is obvious that Nikki feels, at the very least, discomfort in her back left leg (she was shot, which broke the hock, and did not receive any treatment) so the vet and I have decided to keep her on Rimadyl tablets long-term.  This is an anti-inflammatory drug and she certainly seems brighter, and has a better appetite, when she is taking it.  The vet thinks the increase in appetite is probably because she is in less pain, and therefore is able to exercise more comfortably ~ which leads to a better appetite :-)

I came home with three month's supply this morning and Nikki will need check-ups every six months.  I'm hoping that there will be no more visits to the vet now until the autumn when the dogs are due for their booster vaccinations!  

Naturally I couldn't take Nikki out and leave Matty home, so he came along for the walk as well ;-)  I took these photos on Wednesday ~ they were both pooped after the excitement of the morning and had to have a little snooze LOL

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