Sunday, 27 December 2015

Feeling a lot like Sunday...

It's felt very much like a Sunday for the last three days now and I'm somewhat disorientated LOL  Thank goodness that today really is Sunday ~ perhaps the week will start to feel normal again now!

So how was your Christmas my loves?  I do hope you've all had a really lovely time and aren't feeling too exhausted by all the preparations that seem to go into the "big day".  I confess that this year I made full and extensive use of Tesco's Finest range of ready made food ;-)  I simply didn't feel well enough to cook from scratch, although I did manage to put together our traditional stuffed turkey breast joint and had already made the Larkin family Christmas puddings a few weeks earlier.  Oh yes, I did peel fresh carrots as well LOL  (Actually, it was a bit of an odd, deja vu, moment when I was preparing the turkey, as I had also made it when Beverly was home at the end of October.  She rarely gets home for Christmas as the weather is so unpredictable for travelling down from Orkney at this time of year, so I asked her if she would like "Christmas dinner" whilst she was home!)

The ready made veggies were all very nice and I even bought a carton of custard to have with the Christmas pudding.  I usually like to make as much from scratch as possible but the ready mades saved the day this year!

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