Monday, 25 January 2010

Some old cake photos ~ in no particular order!

I used to make lots of special occasion cakes but after making and decorating three wedding cakes in quick succession, I was somewhat "caked-out"! I came across these photos whilst I was looking for something else (as you do!); I wish I had photos of all the cakes I've made but I only seem to have these:

Sam and Beverly's 4th birthday cake January 1995

Mum's birthday cake August 1996

Mum's birthday cake August 1995

Mum's 60th birthday cake August 1998

Joan's 70th birthday cake November 1997

Ivan's 70th birthday cake March 1998 (front)

Ivan's 70th birthday cake March 1998 (back)

Easter cake April 1984

Dad's birthday cake August 1995

Christmas cake December 1994

Christmas cake December 1996

Christmas cake December 1995

Amanda's birthday cake May 1997

Amanda's 30th birthday cake May 1995

Adrian's birthday cake December 1998

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