Thursday, 1 December 2011

It's rather exhausting...

...being a "new parent"!  I haven't walked so much every day for a very long time, my loves ~ about 1 1/2 hours spread over one long and two short walks *eeeeek*  I haven't been to the gym since we adopted Nikki and Matty, sweetie~pies, I'm just too pooped LOL  I am starting back again next week, though ;-)

Meal times are pretty swift affairs with these two hungry hounds ~ Matty even more so than Nikki!

Nikki's foster carer in Ireland very kindly sent me some photos she took of my baby girl whilst she was in her care.  They make me feel so sad and choked can anyone allow this to happen to such a beautiful, kind and loving little dog :-(

Nikki was even skinnier when she was rescued than she still is now.  Being pregnant with eight puppies, when she was already in such a sorry state, must have taken a terrible toll on her poor little body.

Nikki's eight gorgeous puppies ~ cute, eh!  They have all been happily rehomed :-)

Look into those beautiful, kind, soulful eyes and tell me how anyone could have treated her in the way that they did...

Thankfully, both Nikki and Matty's previous lives are behind them now.  They have a secure, loving home with us for what I hope will be happy and long lives :-)

I am so grateful, my loves, to the Greyhound Rescue West of England (GRWE) for all the wonderful work they do in rescuing and rehoming these beautiful creatures.

It can get a bit chilly in the house as the morning wears on, sweetie~pies, so I got a rather snazzy housecoat for Nikki :-)  She obviously loves to be snuggled up in it and knows the difference between it and her walking coat!

Not to be left out, Mr Matty very obligingly poses for his adoring public ~ aka me LOL 


Sharon said...

Aw, poor Nikki! She is looking lots better, but I'm sure she will be in delicate health due to the horrible treatment, previous. Matty has a very nice shiny coat, looks good!

JENNIFER said...

Your a new mama again!!!! They are just adorable and have a perfect home now :o) The before pictures are so sad, how could anyone be so mean and uncaring to these babies... they should be locked up!! Nikki looks adorable in her house coat and very comfortable I might add ;o) We just got a new puppy to, I posted about her on my blog, come visit when you get a chance. Enjoy your little bundles... Have a great day! Hugs Jennifer