Monday, 28 May 2012

Looking to the future...

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In a previous post I mentioned that I had been rather busy recently, my loves, and promised to tell you what I have been up to.  Well, to cut a long-story-short, Adrian and I have decided to move when he retires ~ hopefully to Orkney.

We have been talking about moving for a few years now and our trip up there last month just reinforced what we had already been discussing and wanting to do.  Both of us are sick and tired of living where we do at present; sadly, this just isn't the same little town it was when we first moved here way back in 1983.  It is so crowded now, like much of the south-east/east anglia, and the traffic really is pretty awful along our road.  Unfortunately house prices are such that we simply can't afford to move to a different ~ i.e. "better" ~ part of town. 

At the moment, we are tied to living here because Adrian has to commute into London for work each day, plus his elderly housebound Mum lives nearby and is dependant on us for shopping, etc.  It would hardly be fair to up sticks and move away whilst she is still alive.  Adrian has about another 6 1/2 years before he can retire but our plan is that we will be looking to move then ~ depending on whether or not Mum-in-law is still with us.  I don't mean that to sound morbid or unkind; sadly, my loves, I am simply being realistic ~ she will be 89 this year, is not in good health and is getting more frail as the months go by.

On the one hand, 6 1/2 years sounds like a long time and I know it must feel like an absolute lifetime away to poor Adrian.  But I know that the next six years or so will fly by ~ just like the previous six have!  So that leaves us with "just" six years to get the house properly sorted out, tidied up, decorated, etc.  Frankly, sweetie~pies, I rather think we shall be needing all of those six years to get everything done ;-)

Of course, much of the "stuff" in the house belongs to your's truly and that is where I have begun to concentrate my downsizing/decluttering efforts ~ after all, we really can't do any decorating whilst the house looks like it should be featured on one of those hoarder tv programmes!  Mind you, I do feel that I should point out here at the beginning of this exercise that there is simply no way on God's good earth that I am ever going to become a minimalist.....but I am having to make some big decisions about all the things I have accumulated and if I am honest, my loves, some of the choices I have decided upon are already proving to be a teensy wee bit painful *sigh*

In the end, of course, it will all be so worthwhile but in the meantime, I rather think you can look forward to plenty of whining, whinging, tears and tantrums!

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Autumn said...

My dear Sharon, how lovely to read your news. I recently found Beverly's blog, and she reminded me of this link, as I had lost touch.
It was lovely to read of Beverly's life and faith on Orkney, and how lovely that you too wil end up in such a beautiful place. I will pray for you and wish you all the best!
Cath xx