Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Catching up with summer.....Gifts

My blogging over the summer was very haphazard, sweetie~pies, but here at last are photographs of some of the lovely gifts I received :-)

A pair of cute little costume dolls from my sister-in-law and her family for my 50th birthday.....

along with some sweet little tins.....

and a lovely haematite necklace and earrings set :-)

A collection of shells-in-a-shell! 

These were collected for me by the grandaughter of a Flickr friend.  Phil and his wife took little Chloe on holiday and she gathered these up as a "thank you" for two dollies I had sent her.  They came addressed to me as "Mrs Sharon ****** (The Dolly Lady)" ~ how lovely was that, sweetie~pies! 

Lucky girl that I am, I also had a wonderful little package of goodies from my dear friend Sandi

This gorgeous little blanket and cushion is destined for the little girl's bedroom at 61 Stove Avenue.  I have been trying to decide on a theme for the childrens' bedrooms (not that I have even finished building the house, mind you, my loves!) but was finding it very hard to make up my mind.  The butterflies and delicate lace trimming on this little set have now made me think that Verity may like her room to be filled with butterflies, flowers and birds ;-)

Sandi also included these wonderful little dolly hats ~ aren't they sweet!  I shall have some very happy dolls indeed when they see this gorgeous headwear.

And last but by no means least, my loves, Sandi also sent me one of her beautiful little peg-dolls!  This little lady is truly gorgeous!  She is now living very happily on the shelf with my other peg-dolls, one of whom was also made by Sandi :-)

I have more photographs yet to show you but will save them for another day...


Sharon said...

Talk about a bunch of neat stuff! I used to hoard tins... a favorite delight, until I had to store them and they got "rustic" and lost their charm. :(

JENNIFER said...

Hi Sharon! Such wonderful gifts you received. The dolls are adorable and those cute little hats. I enjoyed seeing everything. I think coconut is one of my favorite things to eat and smell :O) Have a very sweet day friend! Hugs Jennifer