Saturday, 8 October 2011

A little bit of Daisy~love...

Like most moggies, Daisy is incredibly curious about everything that comes into our home ~ well let's face it, my loves, she is downright nosy about just about everything going on in and around her little world ;-)

So it was no surprise when she just had to investigate the little package which came in the post from my dear friend Sandi.  Actually I received these gifts some time back, so I really must take photos to show you the sweet little treasures! 

After a thoroughly good sniffing ~ no doubt she could smell Sandi's dog and moggies ~ she decided that the next item on the agenda was to make herself comfy on the wrappings.  Daisy, like all our other kitties, loves sitting on paper, bags, etc.

It wasn't too long, though, before something outside caught her attention ~ someone probably had had the temerity to actually walk past her house.....on the public footpath LOL

She also seems to like to sit beside Julia for some reason.  I have often wondered what she makes of my dolls.....

Ah, my little ray of sunshine.  Daisy loves the warmth of the sun on her back :-)

Queen of the castle!  She likes to sit at the very top of her cat tower ~ where she can get the best view of all she surveys ;-)

And this, my loves, is the little minx's latest favourite comfy place ~ curled up in my ironing pile!  She will have to find somewhere else when I finally get through my mountain of ironing :-)

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Sharon said...

Daisy is a beautiful cat! One of my sons has one with those markings, I just love it. Cats have got to be the strangest of house animals! ;-)

Have a great day!