Monday, 16 January 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

image by Simon Howden

Okay, sweetie~pies, so the photo I chose above is a slight exaggeration ~ it's not snowing, granted, but it is jolly cold nevertheless!  I just can't seem to get warm today; mind you, I am feeling a touch under the weather with a little flare-up of the 'ole IBS so perhaps that's why.  And, of course, it is still only mid-January so we really shouldn't be expecting anything other than cold weather should we, my loves :-)

I do hope we don't get any snow this winter as taking the dogs out in it really won't be my idea of fun ~ nor their's either I suspect!  I will also be worrying about slipping over ~ like I did yesterday, although that was on mud rather than ice or snow.  I felt such a fool but luckily only Adrian was there to see me go down.  My, but I landed heavily *sigh*  It really knocked the wind out of my sails and I had to just sit there for a moment or two to catch my breath.  The daft thing is that I did actually see the flippin' muddy patch and just as the thought was going through my mind that I must take care, down I went!  I had stepped to the side but obviously not quite far enough and my foot just went out from under me.  It sounds daft I know, my loves, but I must confess that I felt a little unwell for much of the remainder of the day, and today my leg muscles and left foot feel somewhat sore and achey.  Oh well, I must just ensure that I take more care in future ;-)

So apart from falling over what else have I been up to?  Well, to be honest not a great deal!  I am still beavering away on Beverly's birthday blanket but thankfully it is nearing completion now.  Which is just as well, since the gruesome-twosome will be celebrating their 21st birthdays on the 28th January ~ and I have to get said blanket posted up to Beverly in Orkney in time!  I only have about 6 or 8 rows left to crochet then it will just be the edging to do to finish it off.  I have to say that I am very pleased with my efforts ~ I just hope that my little girl will like it too.  I wasn't really sure about all the different colours at first but now that it is almost finished I like the way they look together.  Once Beverly has received it, sweetie~pies, I will be able to show you all some photos :-)

There will be plenty of yarn leftover from the project so I will probably make Beverly some little bits and pieces to go with the blanket.  I would quite like to make a cover for a large cushion and have been mulling over in my mind how to approach it.  And if there is still yarn left after that, then I think some crocheted clothes-hanger covers may well be on the agenda.  Hey, methinks that solves some of my Monthly Make for 2012 projects ~ with Beverly's blanket being the January offering LOL   

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