Thursday, 14 June 2012

A Monthly Make for 2012: June

Well, my loves, the June Monthly Make for 2012 has so far seen me crochet three more tissue-box covers.  The pattern is once again from The Royal Sisters blog.

I am knitting my very first dolly at the moment but whether that will be finished by the end of this month remains to be seen ;-)

The cover above is for a friend ~ her favourite colours are shades of purple.

This blue stripy cover was also made for a friend ~ she was very pleased with it :-)

And this is another one I have made for myself, sweetie~pies.  I must confess that this is my most favourite cover so far; I just love the pretty pastel ice-cream shades.  As I was making it, the thought crossed my mind that it would be rather wonderful to have a whole house decorated using a pale ivory-cream shade on walls and woodwork, with soft furnishings and accessories in these lovely pastel colours.  Something to bear in mind for when we move in a few years time, perhaps ;-)


Kandi said...

I love these I should get my finger out and make myself one! Would you mind if I borrow a photo of your lovely makes for a blog post about the June monthly makes. I'm the admin for June for Annie. xx

Sharon said...

Borrow away!

They are so quick and easy to make that I keep wondering who else I could make one for LOL

FeltByRae said...

Oh, they are gorgeous, my favourite is the bottom one - I just love those shades - it's moments like that I really, really I wish I could crochet

Sharon said...

Thank you Rae! I would be happy to make one for you, sweetie, if you'd like? I think I probably have enough left of the colours in the bottom one to make another ~ if not, I could certainly make one that would be very similar :-)