Thursday, 28 June 2012

Time.... flying by so quickly, my loves ~ here we are almost at the end of June already!

The pretty pyracantha blooms in the photo above are now finished but the bees loved them :-)  Hopefully there will be lots of gorgeous berries for the birds come winter.

This geranium is such a lovely colour.  It has settled down really well in this wooden planter.

This is the raised bed near our patio door ~ just look at that mass of foliage!  Methinks I shall have get in there and do a spot of snip, snip, snipping soon ;-)

Little baby apples, sweetie~pies ~ aren't they cute!  The tree was given to us by a neighbour, whose mother no longer wanted the bother of it.  I had placed it down near the bottom of our garden last year and it didn't do well at all.  When it kept being blown over in high winds, I decided to "temporarily" move it to this more sheltered corner between the raised bed and the house.  Despite it being rather shady here, it has done so much better this year and had really pretty blossom.  Hopefully we will have our very own homegrown apples later in the year :-)

And just look at this climbing rose ~ it has gone absolutely bonkers!  It quite obviously likes living in this spot, with it's feet in the shade and reaching up to the sunshine :-)  I took this photo just before I trimmed it back ~ it had got to the point where it was making life very difficult when trying to get into the hen house, not to mention slapping us in the face each time we wanted to get down to the bottom of the garden LOL

I, too, have had a session of snip, snip, snipping ;-)  Not the best photo in the world, my loves, but it really is surprisingly difficult to take a picture of oneself ~ well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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