Sunday, 14 February 2010

Garden Bear gets a makeover!

This little concrete bear was in a large plant pot that my Mum gave me last year. I brought him indoors, gave him a good wash and he's just sat around waiting for me to make him look prettier ever since. Now that I've finally got the dining table cleared of all my "stuff" ~ I have, honestly, what you can see here are the bits and pieces I need to work with!! ~ I thought I'd give the little chap a make-over :-)

So here's Garden Bear after I had given him a coat of gesso ~ he was starting to look better already! I had a hard time trying to decide whether to paint him in "bear" colours or something different! Oh decisions, decisions...

Well, I'm no artist as you can see, but I enjoyed giving GB a make-over all the same. I was so tempted to give him a coating of glitter but in the end managed to restrain myself to just glittering his eyes and nose! I have to say that the little fiddley bits, like his eyes and mouth, were, well, fiddley to paint and I've decided that perhaps I'm not really cut out for such work!

I enjoyed painting Garden Bear so I decided to I hunt out Gervaise from the depths of my once-again-in-a-mess shed! Working on him was quite a revelation ~ Gervaise isn't like the other gnomes ;-) He is decidedly "in touch with his feminine side" and just doesn't seem to get on with the other gnomes ~ it would appear that they don't understand him! I told him that he was very welcome to live with me and the dolly family and he seemed really thrilled with the suggestion :-D

And here is Gervaise in all his pastel, glittery glory! I enjoyed painting him in non-traditional gnome colours and the glitter just seemed perfect for his personality LOL He has made friends with Dorothea already :-)

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