Sunday, 14 February 2010

Rainbow Ladies

I really find it hard to just work on one project at a time and these little rainbow ladies are a case in point. I suddenly had the urge to get my tub of needle-felting supplies out (which actually wasn't that easy as my shed is in a mess again *sigh*) and bash away. I really had fun making them ~ apart from the times when I managed to stab my poor thumb LOL I'm in a quandry now, though, as I am really torn over whether or not to give them faces (which is most definitely not one of my strong points!). Even discounting my lack of artistic talent for making/drawing half-decent faces, I have to confess that I rather like them just the way they are now with no defined facial features. I have made a couple more ladies since these two and they are "faceless" as well ~ somehow it just doesn't seem necessary to add any stitches for eyes or mouths!
I am going to send a couple of the rainbow ladies as a surprise gift to a friend and I'm seriously thinking about making more to put in my online store ~ so watch this space ;-)

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