Thursday, 20 May 2010

Doll Census

This is Jane, my baby doll who I have had since I was two years old...and I will be 49 in a couple of weeks time! Poor Jane suffered from my tender ministrations somewhat during my childhood: she no longer has eyelashes, nor her two little front teeth and I bit off one of her fingers ~ oh, the shame of it! Mind you, I did try to make amends on the finger front when I was a little older ~ I sewed over the hole ;-)

She is quite large, about 23" tall, and wears size 0-3 months baby clothes so it's really easy to find pretty dresses for her to wear :-) She lives upstairs on a chair in Adrian's and my bedroom, along with two teddies I have had since I was a baby ~ so they are even older than Jane LOL

Now that I've brought her downstairs to take her photo, I've realised that she is looking rather grubby ~ I think a session in the dolly spa should be on the agenda sooner rather than later!

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