Friday, 7 May 2010

Doll Census

Since I mentioned Gloria in my last Doll Census post, I thought I would make her the subject of this one :-) Please excuse her condition ~ she hasn't yet had an appointment in my dolly spa!

There is a wee bit more information on Gloria's back than there is on Grace's, who only has Made in Hong Kong stamped there. Gloria's back says "Evergreen" along with Made in Hong Kong and a number which looks like 9150.

As I mentioned before I have recently seen another of these dolls but reuniting Grace and Gloria hasn't been as successful as I had hoped, so I thought it best to let that sister go to another home where she would probably be happier! I was hoping that Grace and Gloria would be good friends but they really don't seem very interested in each other at and don't spend any time together.

Oh well, at least they both have their own friends to keep them company :-)

Gloria and Grace posing together.

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