Thursday, 13 February 2014

The dreaded day dawned...

The Dentist
by Linda Braucht

...and I lived to tell the tale!

Yesterday was tooth-extraction day, not something I was looking forward to as I'm sure you can imagine!  In the end, though, the injections (four of the blighters!) of local anaesthetic were more painful than the actual work my lovely dentist, Mr F, had to do.  As well as the extraction, I also had to have a tooth prepared for a crown and this procedure took far longer than having the other tooth pulled out.  I was in the chair for over an hour in the end.

Mind you, Mr F did have some trouble pulling out the pesky tooth and he told me afterwards that really it was touch-and-go as to whether I should have had the procedure done in hospital.  The roots were somewhat curved and he had to cut into the bone a little ~ I now have a very fetching cleft in my gum!  The hole did bleed for quite some time as well, so I had a mouthful of cotton wedges and looked absolutely lovely as you can imagine LOL

Adrian had to have a filling and by the time we got back home again, all I really wanted to do was go and have a little nap ~ so I did.  In the end, I slept for over three hours and woke up dribbling and sore!  Still, it is such a relief to have had that tooth removed as I was getting rather concerned about the infection in it.  I'm back on antiobiotics for another week, and am chucking back the 'ole paracetamols to subdue the horrible ache which has settled on the whole left side of my face ~ but at least the worst of it is over.  Back for the fitting of the crown on 3rd March and hopefully the infection will have cleared up by then :-)

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