Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Diary of a Dieter Week 23

start date: 22nd January 2014
start weight: 22st 13lbs (321 pounds)
current weight: 22st 0.5lbs (313 pounds)
total loss to date: 12.5lbs

I am such a happy bunny tonight ~ I have finally had a half-decent weightloss of three pounds!

I am SO pleased, especially since I only started following the plan "properly" again on Monday.  It's not that I have been horrendously bad this past week, but I certainly haven't been eating as per the Slimming World plan!

Over the weekend I had a good long think about how my life is going.  Hitting 53 on the 6th June was another factor to consider; none of us are getting any younger but I really don't want to face the coming years being fat and unhealthy.  Life is hard enough as it is at the age, and size, I am now and it won't get any easier with the passage of time if I don't get my act together.

So, onwards and upwards eh :-) 

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