Thursday, 22 July 2010

Would you like to sit down...

Provided you are doll-sized, of course ;-D

It's a strange thing, really, but when I come across something interesting that I'm not actually looking for, then I seem to spot more of the same! I was just having a look through someone's other items for sale on Ebay (I'd been looking at a Sindy they were selling ~ of course LOL) and they also had the sweet multi-coloured wicker chair for sale. Well, I was rather taken with said chair, and it was on at a lovely low price, so I thought I'd put in a bid ;-D

Then ~ naturally enough ~ I spotted the white chair and thought it was jolly nice too!

And then this rocking chair came along, too LOL All the dolls were very excited when they saw me unpack these cute little wicker chairs ~ I can see there might be arguing over who is going to sit on them!

I saw this unusual metal chair and thought it would be just perfect for Ethel~Maud ~ she is thrilled to have a chair of her very own :-)

I forgot to upload this photo the other day. Although I no longer follow a Christian path, I was simply captivated by this beautiful wall plaque of the Virgin Mary and the Christ child. The colours are wonderful and Mary's face is mesmerising; her love for her child just shines through. And that, I guess, is what most attracted me to this piece: the love of a mother for her child :-)
Wow, aren't I a lucky girl ~ I received another pretty pink pressie! One of my Flickr friends, Jenny (JennyTheArtist), made this fab apron specially for me in exchange for a couple of dolls which I needed a loving new home for :-) It's so sweet and I just love the dolly fabric ~ it was the perfect choice :-)

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