Monday, 19 July 2010

Latest additions to the dolly family

This will be a post to make my Dad roll his eyes and mutter to himself something along the lines of "not more dolls" LOL

Oonagh is in a lovely condition and has very pretty facial colouring. I'm supposing that the kilt and sporran are her original clothes although the sporran won't actually fit over her kilt. Whether she was meant as a toy or simply as a souvenir doll, I have no idea. I'm not too sure whether her cute knitted shoes were made for her as they as a bit on the small side! She doesn't have any makers marks, just Made in England on the back of her head and her back.

Colette is such a sweet little doll and she, too, is in nice condition :-) She has a lovely warm coat ready for winter ~ but I do rather think she will need some shoes or boots to go with it!

Colette's dress is very pretty and really suits her. All-in-all, I am very pleased with this little lady :-)

I am going through a Sindy phase at the moment LOL I bought Laura from one of my Flickr friends ~ she is lovely. Her suit is very 60s and terribly smart!

Laura came with these sets of clothes :-)

To continue with my Sindy kick, this is my latest girl ~ Letitia :-)

This dressing-gown and dress came with Letitia. They are both in a lovely clean condition but I have just realised that I photographed the dressing-gown back-to-front! I was thinking that as the dress is such a simple style, I could perhaps have a go at making a pattern from it then all my poor naked girls could at least have one dress each LOL

I find it so hard to resist these cheapy old dolls! I don't know what it is but I find them very appealing. So Glenda has now joined the dolly family LOL

Susie is a Camay clone and I bought her with Laura. I really do love these clones, just as much as the "real" Sindys :-)

Marie is another sweet little doll, made from hard plastic. She has something embossed on her back which is quite hard to decipher but I think it says France. Unfortunately, as you can no doubt tell, it's not only Sindys that I'm currently on a kick with LOL

Henrietta is a cute little doll, made in France. I'm not sure what she is made of to be honest. It feels like a hard plastic but has a slight roughness to it. One of my Flickr friends thinks it may be an early form of plastic, pre celluloid and lucite. The holes in Henrietta's chest are where I believe she may have originally had her clothes pinned to her.
When I spotted Rita I immediately thought that Lavinia, the pretty little peg-doll which Sandi sent to me, might like a friend ~ so here she is :-)

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