Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Dolly family... just keeps on growing!

I'll be honest and admit that I actually bought Deborah more for the dress than for the doll herself, but I may keep her after all as she is very pretty :-)

Mona is in a very nice condition, and her hair is lovely and thick. She is apparently a Texco Cheerleader!

Would you believe that I decided to get another Dusty doll ~ well, of course you would believe it LOL I thought it would be nice for Serena to have a friend so here is Hilary :-) Hilary has longer, rather nicer hair than Serena but unfortunately she has a decidedly dodgy arm, poor thing!

Hetty is another little hard plastic doll. My collection of these is decidedly growing! Still, at least they don't take up too much room ;-) Her face is so much like that of Grace and Gloria but she is very much smaller.

I'm not usually quite so keen on these later Sindys but little Rowena caught my eye. She has the most wonderful hair, it is so soft! I have to confess to a very soft spot for dolls with silvery-coloured hair :-)

This gorgeous negligee set came with Rowena ~ it is in perfect condition!

Victoria is another Camay doll ~ I really do love these dolls! She is in fabulous condition and her jumpsuit is rather wonderful, too.

Although Wanda has some fading issues, I still think she is rather lovely. Her dress is very nicely made and in great condition.

Beatrice is just so cute, how could I possibly resist?? I love these side-glancing dolls.

Sweet Pamela is another young lady to join the porcelain girls :-)

Petal is a hard plastic doll made by Rosebud. She has lost her hair and has just be left with smears of nasty-looking glue over her head, poor little thing. I think her dolly spa appointment will have to include a new wig!

Nothing whatsoever to do with dolls, I know, but I thought I would show you naughty chicken caught in the act of coming out from under the little bay tree! And yes, there was an egg under there LOL

"Does my bum look big from this angle??" Why of course not, Abigail, it just looks fluffy ;-)

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