Thursday, 16 December 2010

The week so far.....

.....the cyclamen on the kitchen windowsill is still blooming.....

.....the geranium is blooming, too.....

.....and I invented a new game called 'Pile the Logs' ~ you won't believe how incredibly easy-peasy it is to play, sweetie~pies! All you have to do is simply pile logs in a basket and see how high you can go before they topple over, land on your feet and scare the dog ;-P

I truly don't know what on earth I was thinking that day, as every time I went outside I brought an armful of logs back in with me! I did a similar thing with my supermarket shopping earlier that week, too, my loves. I just totally forgot to go check what I already had before I placed my order ~ since we don't have a car, I order online from Tesco and have it delivered. As usual I started by shopping in the offers section first, the result of which was that I bought a number of multi-buy offers and ended up with barely enough room to squeeze it all in both the rather small freezers we have! Take heed, sweetie~pies, and learn from my mistake ~ it's no fun rearranging freezers in this weather, I can tell you ;-)

On Tuesday we had our chimney swept. Amber was awfully taken with Mr Chimney-Sweep and was adament that she was going to stay as close to him as possible. He was quite taken with her, too, thankfully and didn't appear bothered in the slightest that she just couldn't seem to stop herself sniffing his trousers!!! I think she found the combination of soot and Mr Chimney-Sweep's own dog irresistible ;-)

I have finally gotten round to putting up some Christmas decorations. This is the doorway between our living and dining rooms. I really like these pretty lights although one of the shades got broken last year, unfortunately. I was quite pleased with myself for figuring out an easy way to hang them, too ~ by putting up a length of net curtain wire ;-) When I was looking for the wire in The Shed I came across a pack of white plastic shower curtain hanging rings, so I have hung every other light from one of said rings and hooked it over the wire. Good thinking, yes??

I'm rather thinking that I may well keep the net curtain wire up there after Christmas and hang something pretty from it, just to soften the starkness of the doorway :-) I've got lots of net curtaining I could shorten for the job, not to mention those two fabric flower garlands which were previously in the master bedroom. Naturally, my loves, I will show you whatever I decide in the end to do.

These are all pretty awful photos, I know *sigh*

We have quite a small house and to be honest, there really isn't very much space available for anything other than a small tree to be. Even then, I have to rearrange my ornaments to set it up LOL

I know that some folk like to have a 'theme' for their tree but our's is a simple mix 'n' match assortment of all sorts of decorations :-) Some of them are vintage ones which I have bought, some are vintage which I've been given and the rest are 'modern' ones which I've bought over the years that Adrian and I have been together. Most years, I buy one or two new ornaments but in deference to The Challenge I will try to restrain myself this year ;-) I knew that the pretty angel was way too big for the tree when I bought her after Christmas last year, but knew that she would look just as lovely standing beneath it :-)

I have another little tree which does have a 'theme' of sorts; I use it to display my collection of wooden decorations. It usually goes in the dining room, but I'm not sure if I will get round to putting it up this year. If I do, though, I will take a photo to show you ~ let's hope that it comes out better than these LOL

This is the best of my efforts to photograph the tree when the fairy lights are on ~ so you can just imagine what the other photos looked like!

This cute little pom-pom robin belonged to Adrian's Nan. He always sits at the top of the tree, just beneath the Star :-)

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