Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Frankly, keen gardeners should look away now!

Oh the shame of it, my loves!

These are the "before" photos of the current jungle/scrapyard that is our back garden!

No chickens residing in this lovely abode just yet, sweetie~pies ;-)

Even Matty can't believe it ~ he has had to have a little lie down!

We decided to get a gardener in;

he weeded it and hacked the shrubs back to within an inch of their lives!

He was very sweet and assured me that he's seen much worse...

...somehow I think he was just being kind ;-)

This gives you an idea of the current state of the garden, my loves ~ still very untidy, granted, but at least we aren't having to fight our way through a jungle anymore!
As you can see, the garden is small and there is an awful lot in it, so we are going to have to tackle things one small section-at-a-time ~ which means there is a whole load of shunting stuff around ahead of us!  We are having half a dozen of the fence panels replaced soon, along with concrete fence posts and gravel boards. All the panels, posts and gravel boards need to be replaced really but it goes back to that lack of space issue again ~ not to mention spreading the cost out ;-) We will be having proper patio door steps built at the same time, though, which will be lovely after years of stepping just-that-little-bit-too-far down out of the door onto somewhat wibbly-wobbly concrete blocks!
So lots of changes in store for the garden, sweetie~pies, all part of the Looking to the Future plan ~ methinks 'tis a jolly good job we've got six years 'til Adrian retires :-)  The "after" photos will be coming along as we tackle each section of our little space :-)

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