Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The dolly family continues to grow!

This, my loves, is Rory who has come all the way over from the States.  He is just under 20" tall and is a very cute little chap.  He isn't "anatomically correct" but he definitely looks like a boy, don't you think?  I was attracted to him because he looks quite a lot like my precious first baby doll, Jane, so he really did have to join the family ;-)

Here are Rory and Jane, getting to know each other :-)  I don't know why, considering that I did actually know his size before I bid for him, but I was thinking that Rory would be larger than he actually is!  Mind you, having said that, Jane really is quite a big baby dolly at getting on for 24" tall.

Just look at the difference in their head sizes!

And this little sweetie is Sophia ~ who is a Rosebud :-)  She is only a little bitty baby girl, being about 11" long.  If you click on the photo to make it larger, you will be able to see how lovely her fingers and toes are ~ each one separate from the other :-)  I have such a soft spot for Rosebuds (Jane is a Rosebud, so that probably explains it), my loves ~ I find it very hard to resist them.

It seems as fast as I downsize my dolls, another (two hehehehe) join the family!

And finally two more Sindys have joined the clan as well ~ so better make that another four new dolls ;-)  These two new girls are both really lovely and in a very good clean condition apart from Laura, the brunette, having had her poor little toes nibbled off at some point.  The blonde is called Lorraine.

I suppose it may seem a tad odd, sweetie~pies, that on the one hand I am selling some of my doll collection ~ yet on the other I am still adding to it!  However, I came to the conclusion that a decision had to be made as to whether or not I concentrated my doll collection to a particular type/s and/or make/s.  In the end, I decided that I would definitely keep my Sindys and Rosebuds; I am also keeping my large baby/toddler dolls ~ of which I confess there are a few new additions I have yet to share with you all!

I still have some difficult decisions to make regarding the remainder of my doll collection.  I am really dithering over whether or not to part with all of my non-Sindy fashion dolls and the other dolls I have acquired, or keep some of them.  My fear is that is I do decide to keep some, then the collection will start to spiral out of control again!

I have "weeded out" some of the fashion dolls and taken their photos ready to put on ebay ~ so they will be appearing here soon ;-)  I guess I shall just have to keep going through the collection, gradually parting with more over time...    


Marlene Ruth Gomes said...

Olá, sua Jane aqui no Brasil é conhecida como Suzy playpall, da ideal toys E o outro menor ao lado dela chamamos de bambino da estrela, bjs

Sharon -Larkin said...

oh, how lovely that you have dolls like my precious Jane in Brazil :-)