Saturday, 26 June 2010

Aren't I lucky!

Sandi (aka The Nostalgia Fairy ) and I did a "swap" ~ and this pretty pink package was inside an envelope which dropped through my door earlier in the week, along with such a lovely letter! There was a gorgeous smell of lavender when I opened the envelope and look what was inside those pretty pink wrappings:

Isn't everything just wonderful? I am absolutely thrilled with it all!

The sweet bow is a brooch and the little knitted bag contains lavender ~ hence the lovely scent which wafted up when I opened the envelope :-)

I was so surprised when I spotted the pretty peg-doll, as I have had peg-dolls on my mind a lot this past week or so! I finally laid my hands on my pack of dolly pegs at the weekend ~ I knew they were in my shed somewhere ;-p ~ and earlier in the week I gathered together a variety of bits 'n' bobs, ready to start making and dressing some peg-dolls myself! I know mine won't be as lovely as the ones Sandi makes, though :-)

And as for the knitted cupcake ~ well, I was very excited about receiving one of these "Sandi Specials" as I have loved them ever since I first spotted the ones on her Flickr photostream!

Sandi is such a lovely person and I have found her blog and Flickr photostream a total inspiration. Do go and visit her gorgeous blog: ~ I am sure that you will be as inspired and entranced by her beautiful photos as I am :-)

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