Thursday, 24 March 2011

In the garden t'other day...

We've had some absolutely glorious spring weather here this past week, sweetie~pies! My big girls have enjoyed making their little kingdom look even worse than it did already ;-)

Miss Babs here was having a good 'ole nose at me through the patio door ~ she is just filled with curiosity, it seems, as to what I'm getting up to LOL You will have to excuse the poor quality of this photo, my loves; I'm afraid that the dirty glass is a terrible combination of lazy housekeeping on my part and a certain doggy forever smudging her nose on the door!

See what I mean about making a mess??? Mind you, some of this is because a couple of terracotta pots split open during the winter and of course the girls can now get their beaks right into that yummy soil. I shall have to gird my loins and get some tidying done out there, methinks :-)

This little lady is Miss Abigail and she was really getting her beak into whatever-the-hell it was she was finding in that spilt soil!

Babs again, with Prudence looking on in puzzlement ;-) Babs had given herself an extremely thorough dust-bath, shaken out her feathers to within an inch of their lives and then proceeded to plonk herself down and soak up a few rays LOL She is such a funny chicken ~ and really seems to love sunbathing!

I can't quite get over how truly ovely the weather has been, sweetie~pies. It really does feel like spring has finally arrived!


Beverly said...

That's my girl Babs! Miss you girlies!

Sharon said...

So glad you have Spring! The chickens seem to really be enjoying it! Our Spring is going into hiding for a bit, it will probably freeze tonight, not good for the fruit tree blossoms... I can't wait for the warm weather to come back again!