Thursday, 10 March 2011

The Thursday Poem

Young Woman Reading by a Window by Delphin Enjolras

Time is...

I fear time's tumbril hurrying us
- bare wee foetuses
hardly rubbed with God's pleasure -
to the place of execution.
"Stay!" My beloved, Giacometti above,
Renoir below,
spirit shining, horse to horse,
leaps in the way.
An angel rapes a neuron in her brain:
"Celebrate! Our rescue remedy is
the timeless now -
her handmaids
commitment, compassion and conspiracy,
the breathing together of love.
Life is delightful
from womb bliss to birth bliss,
from home bliss to death bliss
and beyond
our lives fipple through eternity.

Alan Beam
(29th February 1948 - )

from the book: Poem for the Day One


Sharon said...

Good Morning, Sharon!

Sharon said...

And good morning to you too, Sharon ;-D