Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Chicken love!

I took these photos in the garden on Sunday and have been trying since yesterday to get them uploaded but Blogger wasn't playing nicely! Still, third time lucky ;-)

I know I shouldn't really have a favourite but I do love Prudence, she is such a beautiful girl.

I managed to take this photo of Prudence at just the right moment for her to look like a headless chicken!

Prudence did some weeding for me ~ it's a pity she can't wield a broom to clear up afterwards LOL

The girls always seem to have such a great time hunting for tasty morsels.

The photo below is Abigail making a mess in one of the weed patches!

This is Imogen, up on the perch in the chicken run. The bantams like it when I let the big girls out as it means they get the hen house and run to themselves and can do what they like without any bossiness from the Black Rocks! I don't tend to let Martha and Imogen out into the garden because they are so much flightier than the other three. Being smaller, they are able to fly higher!

Imogen was outside all by herself for a while whilst Martha was busy in the nest box.

And this is what Martha was sitting on! She didn't seem to mind when I took the egg out of the nest box, though.

Beverly went into the run to have a chat with the girls and I couldn't resist taking a photo of her "behind bars" LOL

Here she is, forcing her attentions on Prudence I think!

And this is what happens when you cuddle up with a chicken LOL Beverly was not best pleased, I can tell you!

Okay, so this isn't a photo of a chicken but I couldn't resist taking a photo of one of the beautiful collared doves who are regular visitors to our garden. This one was sitting up on the house roof, enjoying the sunshine ~ even if the breeze was ruffling its feathers!

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