Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Poor Audrey...

I knew she was in a bit of a state when I bid on her but I really liked Audrey's face. She arrived yesterday and is even more sad than she looked in her photo! She is very dusty and grubby and goodness knows what's happened to her hair. She did come with a lovely knitted dress though.

Here is a photo of the back of Audrey's head ~ as you can see, it's even worse than it looks from the front! So I've decided that Audrey will be the first victim of me trying my hand at re-rooting. The strange thing is that she doesn't appear to have any hair plugs missing but the hair style she has been given is a bit odd and very sparse. I think that I will compare her head with one of my other fashion dolls to see how they have been rooted ~ I expect I will be making additional holes in poor Audrey's head!

I found some re-rooting tutorials on YouTube which I found very interesting and straightforward:

Re-rooting doesn't look quite as scary as I had imagined it to be but I expect it can be a little tedious and hard on your fingers! I'll share photos with you in due course :-)

This little chap came with Audrey. He has a clockwork mechanism which no longer works ~ I suppose he would have been a swimming toy. He is very dirty and dusty, just like Audrey, so will need a good clean as well. To be honest, he isn't really the kind of toy which I particularly like so I will most likely be passing him on elsewhere in due course.

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