Tuesday, 23 March 2010

In the garden today

Well, I've just been out to collect the eggs and give the chickens their supper and the weather couldn't be more different to earlier in the day! This morning it was lovely and sunny, now it's cold and wet *sigh* Still, I took advantage of the nice morning to take photos of some of the springtime changes in the garden :-)

I was very pleased to see that the butterfly bush doesn't seem to have minded the severe pruning I gave it last year, and has come through winter unscathed LOL They really are tough old shrubs! It's got masses of new shoots so I'm hoping for a nice display this summer.

The water in the nature pool in the gnome hamlet is looking very murky but the little waterlily is starting to send up shoots.

These are Bleeding Hearts shoots, in the raised bed near the house. This is a white Bleeding Heart and it is very pretty ~ the flowers look like little fairy lanterns strung along the stems.

This little shrub is a self-seeded hawthorn which I found in the garden a couple of years ago. I was very impressed by its determination to put down roots and live, so I dug it up ~ well, it was actually a simple case of merely pulling the teensy little thing out of the ground! ~ and planted it in this old concrete pot I had acquired. I don't have space for a hawthorn really but I thought I'd have a go at "bonsai-ing" this one. I think I shall be able to start shaping it this year, now that it's grown somewhat.

The gnome hamlet is looking decidedly battered and untidy! I've heard a little rumour that the gnomes have decided to move to a different part of the garden ~ I'll keep you informed as and when I find out more...

These sweet little miniature daffodils look so pretty in this corner of the gnome hamlet.

I'm so looking forward to when this little shrub comes into bloom ~ it has such pretty little white flowers. I wish I could remember what it was called, though!

Gorgeous fresh chives, pushing their way up through the debris of winter. I really must get started on tidying up this bed!

I took photos of the girls, too, when I gave them one of their favourite snacks this morning: chopped fresh tomatoes. This is Imogen, wishing Abigail would hurry up and get out of the way so she can get to the tomatoes before they are all gone!

Martha, with Abigail and Prudence behind her. You can just see Babs' rear end in the pop-hole doorway.

Imogen and Martha finding tasty things to eat ~ along with the tomatoes of course!

Martha broke off from snaffling down the tomatoes just long enough for me to take this photo. Believe it or not, those tomatoes all started off in the girls' snack bowl. They are such messy eaters!

Here's Babs wondering if I've got any more treats ~ no doubt she was hoping for a handful of dried mealworms to appear in the run LOL

And here are Babs and Abigail, looking at the open gate with interest!

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