Friday, 5 March 2010

Wind up the week with Amber!

It's been another week of whirlwind activity for Miss Amber ~ although sleeping did feature rather heavily too! She made time, though, to throw all of her toys around on a regular basis but poor Christmas reindeer seemed to bear the brunt of Amber's attentions LOL

You have probably realised that Amber doesn't like to be left out when photos are being taken and she was very interested in what I was doing whilst I was photographing my latest little treasures (which I will share with you later). Of course, Amber knows full well that she is my BIGGEST treasure so I just had to turn my attention to her ~ as per usual ~ as she lay there waiting expectantly!

She decided to take a closer look ~ or rather, sniff ~ at the camera and seemed a little disappointed to find that it wasn't very interesting nor edible.

After giving the camera a good 'ole lick, Amber hinted that perhaps I might like to spend some time giving her a fuss.

How could I resist that cute little face?? Amber adores having her head/neck/ears/throat stroked. I don't know how she can stand having her throat stroked, though ~ I really dislike having my throat touched!

She was obviously enjoying the attention ~ like she doesn't already get plenty LOL

She was really leaning heavily into my hand!

And we finished of with a spot of ear massage LOL All that fuss obviously tired Amber out as she's spent most of the morning since snoozing ~ apart from a brief examination of the supermarket shopping when it arrived!

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