Monday, 22 March 2010

A new dress for Alice!

Alice is a Dollikin and she is shaped very differently to Sindy and Barbie. I had never seen one "in the flesh" as it were before I decided to bid for Alice and I was very pleased when I won her back in September last year. She is very flexible ~ as you can probably guess with all those joints! The poor girl came to me naked and that's the way she has stayed until I was looking at a friend's Ebay store recently and saw this lovely vintage dress:

I was so pleased when I found that I had won it ~ I didn't tell my friend that I was bidding for the dress LOL He has lots of really nice fashion doll clothes in the store: Charmbrella I was really taken with this dress as not only is it very sweet, it has a lovely wide skirt which is perfect for Alice's "child-bearing" hips :-)

I also won this bundle of fabrics, which arrived yesterday. I thought the price was worth the gamble! I'm very pleased with these pieces and can make use of them all ~ I have ideas simmering away already.

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