Friday, 19 March 2010

So tired...

Still Life with Sleeping Woman by Henri Matisse

I had been feeling really under the weather for a few months and eventually decided to ask my GP about it when I went to see him back in January for a blood-pressure check. He arranged for me to have a blood-test to check for various things including cholesterol levels and the presence of diabetes. I didn't hear anything further so assumed the tests were all okay. Anyhoo, last week I went for my smear test and just in passing, asked the nurse about the blood-test results. Turns out that I should have been contacted to make an appointment to see my GP *sigh*

So I went to see him on Monday and he told me the test showed everything was normal apart from having iron-deficient anemia due to the "joys" of being menopausal and all that comes with it. He has prescribed iron tablets which I will have to take three times a day, and I have to go back to see him in a month for another blood test. He also suggested that I come off the Nabumentone tablets (anti-inflammatories) which I have been taking for my back ~ something which I was on the verge of doing anyway ~ as they can cause internal bleeding which, of course, wouldn't be helping the situation with my iron deficiency! We are going to see how things go once I get my iron levels back to normal and if my menopausal symptoms are still causing me difficulties, then my GP will most likely prescribe some tablets which will stop my periods.

I started taking the iron tablets a few days ago and I think they are already making a slight difference to how tired I've been feeling. So there it is ~ thankfully, my cholesterol is fine and no sign of the dreaded diabetes. My blood-pressure is still high but my GP thinks that once I get some energy back and can start taking some exercise it should make a difference :-)

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