Sunday, 28 March 2010

In the garden today

This poor clump of rhubarb has taken a bit of a battering ~ I caught one of the Black Rocks having a dust bath in it last week!

I'm so hoping that this clematis has as many blooms as all these sweet little buds are suggesting! It grows on the side of the hen house and is very sheltered :-)

This poor hyacinth got rather trampled before I noticed naughty Abigail scratching all over it!

Crocosmia shoots beside the hen house.

I have discovered one or two brave daffodils are pushing their way up through the junk heap which is pretending to be my garden!

Amongst the rubbish is another lone daffodil.

I have a pair of these matching wooden stepped planters, which were placed either side of my front door up until a couple of years back. I got Adrian to bring them round to the back garden so that I could get them ready with new bedding plants but my back went and they have been stuck in the garden ever since. I haven't touched them at all in that time and yet here is one of the original little violas still hanging on to life ~ isn't nature wonderful!

Adrian picked this branch up on his way home from the railway station the other week LOL

I do love creeping jenny and I'm so happy to see it getting lovely and green :-)

Even in the tangle of a santolina little daffodils push their way through :-)

Another lonesome daffodil ~ this one has come up in the gnome hamlet :-)

Daffodils and rhubarb ~ both looking good!

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