Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I feel dreadful today ~ aching limbs, thumping headache, snuffly nose and just plain down-right miserable! So I decided to cheer myself up by taking some random photographs LOL

I bought another load of the half-price daffodils with my supermarket shopping last Friday ~ these are brightening up a very dark corner of my living room. They do look lovely, don't they!

I took this photo of Amber this morning at about eight-thirty ~ obviously it was nap-time! She absolutely amazes me with the amount of hours she can sleep in any one day, it's incredible! She had been playing with her reindeer toy so perhaps that tired her out LOL

Do you like Jolly Molly's new hat? She's all ready for spring now. I thought that the hat I knitted for her might be getting a wee bit too warm now so I snaffled this vintage hat from Ebay. JM asked to borrow my pretty pink scarf for her photo and I think her spring ensemble is lovely!

And what do you think of the two latest additions to my family?? Trixie and Troy are something of a departure from my usual dolly purchases but I thought they were really cute. They were being sold by the same seller on Ebay so I decided to bid for them both so that they could stay together :-) I hadn't realised that there were Trolls with soft bodies, to be honest ~ I had just assumed that their bodies were made from the same material as their heads and limbs. I will have to make them some clothes at some point ~ yet another item added to my list of things to do!

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