Saturday, 27 March 2010

It's raining dolls!!

Dolls are a bit like buses ~ you wait for ages for one, then two come at once. Or in this case, a whole load of dolls came to my attention at once!

I've had an idea simmering for absolutely ages about giving the poor unloved, unwanted dolls I can't resist a second chance at happiness! They won't be suitable as toys anymore but I'm hoping that there will be folk who will love their new looks enough to want to buy them as decorative dolls :-) I have lots of ideas for pretty costumes and accessories ~ but first they will all need a session in my dolly spa!

The dolls in these photos, above and below, are all destined for a make-over.

This Jenny Jones doll I bought for my own collection. Louise is very much in need of some TLC!

More dolls for my own collection: Sonia, Ruth and Fiona.

Ebony is for my collection, too!

Now, this job lot of ten porcelain dolls are more make-overs LOL I bought these for 99p, plus £10 postage ~ can you believe that???

These two little sweeties were bought were dressing and selling ~ as soon as I saw them, I envisioned fairies ~ but I am wavering over whether or not to keep them myself! I haven't given them names, so perhaps it will be easier to let them go...

The fashion dolls below are for my collection :-)

This little lady is another doll which I am sorely tempted to keep for myself! She is very heavy considering she is only small. I haven't given her a name, either, in the hope that it will make it easier to let her go to a new home in due course!

And this gorgeous doll I am definitely keeping! I have called her Amarinda :-) She does need some tidying up but there is something extremely appealing about her sweet, pale face.
I have plenty of dolls to keep me very busy for quite some time now, methinks ;-)

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