Tuesday, 14 September 2010

More for my collection

The lovely Ursula is modelling some clothes I recently bought for the girls. I'm not sure that "granny knickers" are really Ursula's style ;-)

The petticoat and knickers look as if they would be pretty easy to make patterns from. Perhaps I could streamline the knickers a little LOL

This outfit is in really nice condition. I will have to look out for a simple top to go with the jacket ~ or have a try at making something!

This dress is in lovely condition, too. I think it needs a slip beneath it though, as it is very sheer!

I saw Sasha and just thought how interesting she looked :-) She is a Remco doll and is quite tall at 18". Her homemade dress is very sweet and she has knickers, too, but they are a tad large to say the least! I'm trying not to buy big dolls like Sasha, simply because they take up so much space but I was tempted by Sasha because she has such a sweet face.

Evelyn is an Evergreen doll, like Grace and Gloria. She is in good condition but definitely needs a session in the dolly spa!

Treena is another Sindy ~ obviously! I've noticed on Ebay that Sindys are getting more expensive. Either there are less of them available these days or sellers have cottoned on to the fact that they have become popular collectable dolls ~ probably the latter!

Yet another Sindy ~ this is Sheila ;-) She's in pretty good condition really although I'm not sure yet what is wrong with her left eye. I'm hoping it's not scratched ~ it may just need cleaning. Her hair is pretty messy and quite dry, so she will have to have a session in the dolly spa too at some point. Her blouse has a Sindy label but the skirt doesn't ~ it also needs the popper repairing but that's only a quick little job. Her boots look really nice with her outfit :-)

My second Tammy has arrived hot on the heels of my first! Poor little Betty is not in as good condition as Georgina but she is still very pretty ~ and she has her little playsuit, too :-) Sadly, someone decided that it would be a good idea to cut or bite off the tips of her fingers on both hands, would you believe! I still love her, though. Don't you think that Tammys are just so incredibly pretty?

A closer view of Betty's poor fingers :-(

This pretty little peg-doll is Tilly ~ a new friend for Lavinia and Rita :-) One of my Flickr friends wondered if she could sense a new collection coming on with these peg-dolls.....I rather think she may well be right but at least they don't take up much space ;-D

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