Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hazelton ~ the story of a miniature town

Just some of the cats and dogs who live in Hazelton. Twelfth Scalers are well know for their love of animals :-)

Hazelton is a small, pretty, imaginary town somewhere in England ~ set in a time and place which perhaps never truly existed ~ and it is where my 12th scale families live their 12th scale lives in their 12th scale homes. It is, of course, an idealised town created by wishful thinking on my part, where the less pleasant realities of the outside world simply do not encroach on the peaceful lives of the little folk who live there.

The Hazeltonites do know rather a lot about the “Big World”, though, and all too often find themselves feeling quite horrified about the things they read in their newspapers and see on television programmes! Life in the Big World is often a topic of conversation, usually ending in agreement all round that they are definitely glad not to be Big Folk! The majority of the Hazeltonites are happy and contented with their lives and really wouldn’t wish to live anywhere else ~ not even in another 12th scale town or village.

Just like the hundreds of other 12th scale towns and villages scattered throughout the world, Hazelton is a very difficult place indeed for Big Folk to find. The truth of the matter is that if the Twelfth Scalers (which is their own name for their race) don’t wish to be found, then the Big Folk will simply not even be aware of their existence. In many ways, Twelfth Scalers are really rather magical although not in the same way as we imagine faerie folk or other such beings to be. It’s more to do with their ability to blend into any kind of landscape, to the point of actually becoming invisible to the eyes, ears and even to the sense of touch and smell of Big Folk. It’s almost as if their towns and villages are enclosed in a bubble of sorts. I really do not know how it works but work it most certainly does!

This blog, then, is a glimpse into the lives of the Twelfth Scalers of Hazelton, little folk like you and I in so many ways. The Hazeltonites and I very much hope that you will enjoy these tales from a 12th scale town :-)

© 2010 Sharon Larkin


Lidia Luz said...

I am happy to know about this, now, Sharon!
Thank you and good luck whit you new blog!

Sandi said...

Hi Sharon,
I think it's such a good idea to devote a blog to one subject. I'm sure you will have lots of fun along the way. Good luck with your project:))