Friday, 16 April 2010

More dolly delights

This lovely handmade card arrived in the week all the way from Canada. It is a thank you card from one of my Flickr friends for a couple of dolls I sent to her. The picture of the little girl with her dolly is so appropriate, don't you think!

Amy and Annabelle, above, have joined my dolly family. They came together but I have to admit that it was Annabelle who really caught my eye, although she does need a fair amount of TLC. Her homemade dress is very sweet but it needs washing as it is very dusty.

Another of my Flickr friends recently got himself a Judy Littlechap doll (photo above) and I was so captivated by her that I decided to see if I could get one for myself. I have named her Chrissy and she came from an Ebay seller in the US. She is bigger than the other fashion dolls, as you can tell from the photo below! She isn't "glamourous" like the Barbies, etc, but there is something very appealing about her. She is nice and solid, too :-)

Chrissy makes Amy and Annabelle look extremely petite!

This is my very first attempt at making a plushie. I actually made her some time back but just haven't got any further than this. I was a bit disappointed with how she turned out, to be honest, and I got disheartened and sort of lost interest. Anyhoo, I came across her again the other day and I've realised that for a first try, Miss Plushie hasn't turned out too badly at all really :-) I just need more practice at making faces and Miss P's shoulders need to be refined a wee bit as they make her look rather butch LOL The felt I used was way too thin, as well, and it stretched somewhat alarmingly when I stuffed her! So I will use better fabric when I make more plushies.

I've had lots of encouragement from my good Flickr friend, Yoborobo, and she has given me lots of fab advice too :-) I've decided to finish Miss Plushie and keep her in a prominent place when I make her some sisters (and possibly some brothers too) for my Folksy store, as encouragement and what-not-to-do-next-time!

These cute dolly hats will eventually find themselves in my Folksy store, too ~ after they've been "fancified" :-)

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