Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What a beautiful weekend!

Wasn't the weekend weather absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't believe how warm the sunshine was. My Dad has a theory that it's the glass particles in the volcanic ash (from the Icelandic volcano eruption that is currently causing such havoc in UK airspace) magnifying the sun's rays :-) Well, I don't know about that but it certainly was lovely weather. Which was just as well since my dear son left doing his laundry to the last minute, as per usual. He's been home for about three weeks and goes back to uni tomorrow, but his washing didn't leave his bedroom until Sunday!

It's just as well I had such a nice weekend ~ I've now come down with a rotten cold :-( Oh well, hopefully it won't hang around for too long.

One of my Flickr friends sent me this lovely selection of handmade dolls' jewellery and accessories, which arrived yesterday. The bits 'n' bobs are very sweet, especially those bunny and kitty ear headbands!

The latest member of my dolly family arrived yesterday, too. Nadia is apparently a "celebrity" doll ~ one of the Olsen twins. I don't know anything much about the Olsens although I have heard of them ~ I thought the doll's face looked vaguely familiar! She is a little smaller than the other fashion dolls, at 10" tall. She came in the very sweet pink knitted dress. Poor Nadia has been given a very unfortunate haircut but I'm not sure how easy it will be to remove her head to give her a re-root. Oh well, I will save that little project for another day!

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