Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A quiet weekend...

I hope you, too, had a peaceful and blessed Easter weekend.

I took some photos out in the garden:

Sweet violets are one of my favourite flowers :-) This one has made itself a cosy home in a little gap between the patio door step and the house wall.

I have been so captivated by the little daffodils and rhubarb in the gnome hamlet that it was only at the weekend I really noticed how far along the tulips are, too!

Do you know, I have never seen this chap without a glass of beer in his hand since he arrived in the garden ;-)

And his friend here seems to spend all his time napping! I really like these two gnomes ~ I told Adrian that I think they are very smart with their verdigris finish but he didn't seem convinced LOL

Of course, there always has to be the obligatory chicken photo LOL The Black Rocks are demolishing my poor unkempt garden!

Now, I realise this isn't a terribly good photo but this is what chickens love to do ~ scratch around and dig holes. Those poor birds kept in battery cages just cannot express their natural instincts...

Imogen and Martha, the Dominique bantams, really seem to like having the hen house and run to themselves. Poor Martha managed to scrape one of her toes somehow but it seems to be okay.

This is the latest member of my dolly family, Beaulah, who arrived on Saturday. Like so many of the dolls I seem drawn to, she is in need of some TLC. She is quite grubby, as are her clothes, and her poor hat is in a very bad state. Also, her hair is faded outside of the area where her hat has been positioned. I shall just have to do the best I can to make her look and feel better :-)

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