Thursday, 21 October 2010

It rained...

...on Tuesday ~ just for a change ;-)

The paved areas in our back garden are very rustic (we are hopeless at anything even close to 'perfection' and have learned to live with what we seem to be capable of LOL), but I admit that I do love this particular piece of the paving just for the sweet little puddles it makes :-)

Wow, would you just look at that ~ it rained out the front too *hehehehe*

Inside-looking-out.....being indoors when it rains like this always makes me feel cosy, snug and warm :-) I bet the cacti are glad they live on a windowsill inside the house LOL
And talking of plants living indoors, this Christmas cactus lived on the landing windowsill for a good couple of years, but when I rearranged the dining room I brought it downstairs. It seems to like it's new home just as much as the old one, judging by the amount of buds it's sending out again this year :-)

You won't be at all surprised to know that I can't remember where I got this little African violet from! It stayed really small and didn't seem to grow for a very long time. When I repotted my other houseplants I did this one too and moved it to a different position. It now lives close to the living room window and has gone from strength-to-strength ~ it's even sending out little flower buds. This window faces north and we don't get the fierce sunlight through it like we do from the windows at the back of the house. I think the African violet must like these conditions judging by the way it has suddenly started to thrive!
I pointed the buds out to Adrian this morning and he told me that his Mum is growing a cutting for me from one of her African violets (she does really well with them), so hopefully my little plant will soon have a friend :-)


Sandi said...

You are doing so well with your houseplants Sharon. I would love to have masses of them, preferably in a gorgeous old - fashioned conservatory. Well a girl can dream - can't she?

Sharon said...

Oh yes, I would love an old-fashioned conservatory too ~ I have a vivid picture in my mind's eye of how I would like it to look! As you say, we can dream can't we LOL

I think some of my houseplant success is because I try to keep relaxed about whether or not they grow and thrive. I figure they have a fifty-fifty chance; I do the best I can but the rest is up to them :-)