Friday, 1 October 2010

I've been doing a spot of rearranging ;-)

A teensy wee bit of difference between these two photos, don't you think! I finally managed to clear up all my "stuff" on the dining table ~ and Adrian helped me move some of the furniture around, too.

This looks so much better than the photo above LOL

The dolls' house is on the table waiting to be worked on for Charles and Nancy Mallory :-) I'm having to use half the dining table as a work area because my shed is now stuffed to the gunnels once more!

I moved "candle corner" from the living room to here on the sideboard in the dining room, because as I've been tidying and sorting through stuff, I found more brassware LOL Some of the pieces here need to be polished but that will wait for another day ;-)

Some of my favourite Carl Larsson prints.

This is where "candle corner" was previously.

I promised the peggies that I would move their basket away from the wood-burner before we started using it again! Here they are in troll corner 'til spring :-)

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